SEL and Arts Integration

Our partnership with Dr. Amy McConnell Franklin continues to blossom. Our faculty spent the day with Dr. Franklin Monday, exploring ways to improve our program and to meet the social and emotional needs of ourselves and of our students. Later, at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Dr. Franklin presented strategies for creating a richer, more nuanced vocabulary to describe our emotions. Students, faculty, educators, and community members joined us to explore works of art in the museum in an engaging emotional literacy activity. We came together as a whole group to discuss how the activity challenged us to integrate new vocabulary. The evening wrapped by composing a quick list of fifteen things for which we are grateful. As Dr. Franklin stated, there’s no faster way to put ourselves in a lighter frame of mind than creating this list.

Dr. Amy McConnell Franklin shares strategies with the audience.
How is the subject of the portrait feeling? What is he/she expressing?
Dr. Karen Abell discusses art and emotional literacy with a handful of our TPCP students.

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