Morning Meetings

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Morning meeting was a part of the school day when teacher/principal/changemaker Lucianne Carmichael and her team envisioned an innovative approach for New Orleans public school kids in the Little Red Schoolhouse in the French Quarter. This was adopted by my elementary school John Dibert on Orleans Avenue. This was a special time to build community. We performed, acknowledged accomplishments, wished each other good luck, or happy birthday, and started the day with all of the stakeholders— students, teachers, principal, staff, parents. The only one who often didn’t join us was Ms. Alfred, the largest heart on the planet disguised as a school secretary, but she, too, would sneak away from the phone calls and tasks to celebrate with us. 

When I later returned to Dibert, it was as a first grade teacher (with about six months of teaching experience under my belt), but there was Wiley Ates (former principal) and my first, second, third, and fourth grade teachers: Peta Leblanc, Angela Rattler, Linda Swindle, Myrtis Dennis, and, despite the many changes to the school (that I will discuss in future publications), there was morning meeting. Teachers need this connection just as much as the kids do, especially novice ones. 


When Students Design Their Education 




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