Our Updates

DT Challenge at Lil Lusher by Dr. Templet

I attended a Caring Counts meeting at Lil Lusher. The discussion turned to communication. The faculty discussed the school newsletter and website, tossing around ideas to enhance both. Since they were familiar with Design Thinking, I suggested I could have my class participate in a DT Challenge, and the issue would be the communication component…

Social-Emotional Learning

“[S]chools in both the United States and various other countries have begun to include social and emotional learning into their curriculums due to a variety of studies that have proven the benefits of getting into touch with one’s own emotions and others’ emotions. Elementary, middle, and high schools have all begun to include various activities…

Welcome to Social Innovation in Education

Here you will find updates on our program’s recent initiative to integrate design thinking, social-emotional learning, and social innovation into our own daily practices, our courses, and in the classroom’s of our students who are practicing teachers and those training in our partner schools.