Optimistic Closure Ideas

It’s an exit ticket or a note-taking strategy to keep track of the main ideas during a lecture.

If tonight’s class were a _____________, what would the ____________ be.

For example,

* If tonight’s class were Pandora, what would the playlist be. screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-10-54-37-am

* If tonight’s class were Netflix, what’s in the queue?

* If tonight’s class were a recipe, what are the ingredients?

* If tonight’s class were a book, what would the table of contents be?

And then compare with a partner before leaving class? This can be part of the ‘optimistic closure’ from Meena Srinivasan’s lecture. 

Meena is the author of:   


We have so many ideas for check-ins, but we can start brainstorming ways to optimistically close while also supporting learning (to show how easily it can be integrated into instruction).